How To Stop Letting Your Life Run You, What You Can Do To Take Control & How To Achieve A Healthy Professional/Personal Life Balance
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Inside, You’ll Learn:
  • Why even the most accomplished entrepreneurs can end up feeling like their success is the source of their anxiety;
  • ​How anxiety & stress can and does manifest itself in many ways that affect you;
  • How this constant state of being can take its toll on your quality of life.
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Meet The Presenter
Jean-Paul Gravel
Jean-Paul Gravel is a human potential expert, author, speaker and founder of ThroughConversation Personal Development Inc., a global coaching company for those who want more out of life. He is known for his extremely effective communication style which allows him to deliver outstanding transformational results.

He has trained numerous motivated individuals – nurses, medical doctors, CEOs, students, start-up entrepreneurs, seasoned professionals, talkshow hosts, artists, retirees, moms and dads – on how to take their lives to the next level.
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